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The only certainty in life is nothing remains static. And so it follows, that between birth and death our journey is a constantly changing one. As a Celebrant I am honoured to be part of the many occasions celebrated along life’s journey.
As a Celebrant I am honoured to be part of the many occasions celebrated along life's journey.

There is no better way of reaffirming your love for one another than with a Renewal of Vows. A time when you acknowledge how special your life has been together, and will continue to be in the future. Let me help you create a moment in time when you speak to each other from the heart.

Celebrate a Life

Why wait for a life to be acknowledged and honoured at a eulogy when you can gather together family, friends, and colleagues to celebrate a life with the guest of honour present. This is a time when you can publicly recognise those who have had an influence on your life; a time when you can give thanks for all life has given you.

This can also be a wonderful occasion when the guest-of-honour is surprised with a celebration of their life. A fantastic gift that will ensure the recipient has the time of their life!

A Name Giving is an alternative to a Church Christening. It is a time when families and friends can be involved in the ceremony itself. An occasion when parents can publicly express how blessed they are at the gift of a child. With this ceremony family and friends demonstrate to each other their willingness to share in the task of training, guiding and guarding the child and, in the process, teaching them how exciting and challenging life can be.

Commitment Ceremonies
It is not always possible to legally marry. Still, that doesn't preclude couples from publicly making a commitment to each other. A Commitment Ceremony, though in part similar to a wedding ceremony, carries none of the legalities of that ceremony. Still, it is a joyous occasion when a couple can formally pledge their devotion before family and friends.

Other Ceremonies
I can assist you in celebrating any occasion that arises in this wonderful world of ours. I would be honoured to be your celebrant!

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